Feel The Rhythm


Us is a de-centralized design studio that operates out of LA, Austin, and NYC. Our collective body of work investigates non-traditional methods of process and collaboration, democratization of production and rapid output, and digital and analog forms of documentation / ephemera.

At TYPOSF we'll be exploring these ideas through collaboration between and among attendees of the conference. The outline of the workshop is simple:

Day One → Generate
Day Two → Exhibit

Participants will generate posters by hand, working within (and against) parameters established by Us in response to the theme of the conference — rhythm.

The output will be collected (by Us), dispersed (through the internet), curated (by a panel of guest designers), reproduced (at large scale), displayed (during day two), and auctioned (to the highest bidder).

While posters will go home with their owners, documentation from the workshop will ensure they are immortalized in cyberspace.

Us is Tom Ahn + Nic Sanchez + Ramon Tejada.

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